Life is a test.


Every choice is testing us. Because live means overcome new testing.
This also applies to our work: every test we overcome together is a shared success.
We do identify ourselves. We share the right instruments to assist companies during an excellence route.
We test products to preserve your quality. We offer counselling to give support to your projects.
Our service is global and at the same time sartorial. Because every company is unique.
We invest in innovation and in our most important resource: people.
That is why together we can overcome all testing that future is asking us.

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To face the global market, we need to know the rules that regulate every State in terms of quality. It’s our added value: the knowledge of the international norms, with the accreditation allow us not only to flank the company in the export trade, but also to export worldwide the Analytical experience.

made in italy

Made in Italy

Italy signs our personal know how, from the headquarter to laboratories till our teamwork. Our attention to detail, excellence in research and an innovative spirit ensure a very accurate testing service and a completely Italian production.



In our laboratory takes place testing and verification, and by your side we bring our experts: specialists in national and international norms to offer a punctual and qualified service, and to guarantee every single company the support it needs to obtain a certain outcome.



Two aspects make a test effective: technology and professionality. Every year we put 7% of our incomes in Research and Development laboratory, to always count on much more updated instruments, but especially to value a talent behind technology: the talent of Analytical experts, our first resource.