Environmental obligations are becoming ever more complex and restrictive.

Environmental standards and legislation are extremely difficult for the average company to understand and require the help of specialists.

Analytical boasts over 30 years of experience and can act as a company’s sole interlocutor in this challenging field. Analytical offers plant inspection and analysis services to help customers fulfil their environmental obligations in terms of air and water management, waste disposal and other aspects.

Analytical’s environment department can supply competence and certainty throughout the inspection phase. Our team of highly qualified technicians is certified to perform on-site checks and tests on samples and is equipped with the mobile test units, equipment and instruments needed for testing. Our personnel can also design, develop and construct a wide range of systems to meet specific customer needs.

Among others, Analytical offers the following environmental services:

  • Analysis of drinking water
  • Analysis of waste waters entering sewers and rivers
  • Analysis of underground waterbeds
  • Analysis of waste water drained into the soil
  • Analysis and classification of special hazardous and non-hazardous wastes
  • Analysis and verification of suitability for recycling or disposal
  • Analysis of mineral oils
  • Packaging waste classification
  • Analysis of quarried earth and rock
  • Analysis of asbestos products
  • Evaluation of the degradation of asbestos coverings
  • Evaluation of the Versar index of asbestos containing materials/div>
  • Analysis of emissions to the atmosphere
  • Analysis of airborne pollutants in the workplace
  • Efficiency checks on filtration systems

Noise and vibration measurements

  • Measurement of noise in the workplace
  • Measurement of outdoor noise
  • Acoustic measurements for the construction industry
  • Hand, arm and full body vibration measurements
  • Building vibration measurements
  • Evaluation of acoustic impact


  • Design and construction of air/water treatment plants
  • Design and construction of hydrogen sulphide and protein recovery plants
  • Plant maintenance and management

Energy consumption/renewables

  • Analysis of energy efficiency in buildings
  • Consumption assessments and energy plans

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