With Decree 126 of 24 April 2014, which came into force 25 April 2014, Italy’s Ministry for the Environment introduced major changes to companies’ waste traceability deadlines and obligations.
Initial producers of hazardous waste with fewer than 10 employees are now no longer subject to SISTRI obligations.

It must be emphasised, however, that even companies no longer required to use the SISTRI electronic waste traceability system must still maintain waste loading, unloading and identification records.

The new legislation clearly states that the “correct annual payment must be made in the required manner” by 30 June 2014 and that operators must enter the necessary details of their payments in the “company management” area of the SISTRI portal no later than 30 April 2014.

Organisations and companies that are not required to register for SISTRI or that choose not to do so still have to maintain waste loading and unloading records and compile the waste management forms and Annual Declaration in accordance with articles 189 – 190 and 193 of Legislative Decree 152/06  and subsequent modifications and additions thereto.

The following companies are still required to use the SISTRI system::

  • Initial producers of special hazardous waste from agricultural and agri-industrial activities, fishing and aquaculture with more than 10 employees;
  • Initial producers of special hazardous waste from quarrying, construction and demolition, industrial and artisan processes, commercial services and sanitary activities with more than 10 employees;
  • Initial producers of special hazardous waste who store the waste they produce (operations D15 and R13).
  • Operators collecting, recovering and transporting waste in the Campania region of Italy.

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