For any company supplying national or international markets, the quality and therefore the certification of its raw materials and products is becoming an ever more decisive competitive advantage. Certification not only ensures a foothold in target markets but provides a standard for evaluation and sales targets.

Analytical offers one of the widest ranges of internationally accredited and recognised tests available today. Our customers benefit from technically competent laboratories and receive the consulting they need to achieve and maintain excellence in production. Our services even include the drafting of restricted substance lists (RSL) and product defectivity reports.

Product safety and market acceptability is an unquestionable competitive advantage, and Analytical can certify it.

Finished product and raw material tests

  • Chromium VI
  • AZO dyes
  • Disperse Dye
  • Phthalates
  • PCP , TrCP, TeCP, oPP
  • Heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium etc.)
  • REACH conformity
  • Repeated flexure and cut resistance of footwear linings
  • Heel detachment resistance and upper finishing layer adhesion
  • Colour fastness
  • Resistance
  • Measurements
  • Zip, fastener components , etc.
  • Permeability
  • Labelling
  • CPSIA tests for the U.S. market
  • GB tests for the Chinese market
  • Finishing film thickness (KC mark)

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