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    Testing on electrical safety
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    Quality marks
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The Laboratory is the place where everyday our experts experiment and applicate their knowhow by studying
a tailor made service for any requirement. Electric and electromechanical systems and devices require a proper approach and a detailed knowledge of norms: trough laboratory testing e counselling service we certify the excellence of long lasting, safe, by law products.

Testing on electromagnetic compatibility

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  • Verification of conformity on European rules
  • Verification of conformity on international rules • Verification of conformity on ETSI rules

The breakthrough technology and the technical specialisation enable Analytical to make EMC testing on various types of equipment.

Testing on
electrical safety

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  • CB report and CB certificate
  • Testing for CE marking


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International system of testing and certificates on safety of components, equipment, electrical and electronical products, by means of a multilateral agreement between the acceding countries and certification bodies. Whoever utilize a CB testing certificate according to the international standards (IEC) could obtain quality marks to access to global markets. With this system Analytical under the responsibility of NCB DEKRA certification could test on:

  • Home appliances (HOUS)
  • Luminaires (LITE)
  • Electrical equipment
for measurement, control and laboratory’s use (MEAS)
  • Audio and video equipment (TRON)
  • Technology of information (OFF)

A complete list of rules for which Analytical can issue CB report on

Quality marks

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Analytical offers to companies the chance to obtain the principal quality brands
on an international level:

  • KEMA-KEUR: to manage the risk connected for the placing on the market of electric products
  • ENEC: for lighting test, technologies of information and audio-video, processors, home appliances, components for installation and equipment
  • cMETus: to accede to USA and Canadian markets (audio-video sector, technology of information, tailor-made instruments, control, laboratory).

What do we do

  • Mechanical testing
  • Flammability testing on components and insulation materials
  • Resistance to the superficial flows (PTI)
  • Complete testing on electronical equipment in the rail and metropolitan sector
  • Heating testing for lighting equipment

  • Testing with XENON lighting and UV light resistance test
  • Testing on chemical carcinogenic substances (PAH, phthalates, etc.).