In November 2012, the Turkish Ministry of Finance introduced major new restrictions on the import of footwear.
Among other measures, a new limit of 6 phthalates in quantities of 0.1% w/w was imposed on finished products.
More recently, the Turkish authorities added a new requirement to existing regulations (Product Safety & Inspection: 2014/18).
As a result of this revision, all imported footwear components are subject to controls on phthalate content, with immediate effect.
Importers must prove that all components have been tested and conform to limits by presenting reports issued by an independent laboratory accredited for ISO/IEC 17025.
The necessary documentation must be presented to the Turkish Risk Based Control System (TAREKS). All product parts must be tested irrespective of whether they come into contact with the skin and are accessible to touch or not.

Analytical is accredited to perform all the tests required for exports to Turkey and can help customers choose the best solution for the type of product they wish to export.

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